अश्वत्थामा 𝐀𝐧𝐚𝐧𝐭

I'm @Ashwatthama.111 Founder of The Anant Army ♾️, CEO of The pAAgal Company 🖤

About Me

About Me
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I'm Ashwatthama Anant, deeply passionate about sustainability 
and making the world a better place. as The Founder of Anant Army ♾️,
I lead efforts to respect and protect Mother Nature and its creations. 
As The CEO of The pAAgal Company 🖤, I provide Digital Marketing and Business Development Service & Solutions are offered to Small, Medium and Large Businesses all on an affordable range and all around the World.

  • Nick Name : BadnAAm Raja 👑
  • DOB : #111 (01/01/2001)
  • Residence : India
  • Collaboration : Available 🌐
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Contact Me

Contact Me
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Kuwait, USA, Oman, Canada, UAE and India. (Mumbai - Bangalore)

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